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Dean Shaw and Family Own and Operate Multiple Automotive Related Businesses

Dean Shaw & Family - Owners of New Image Mobile Auto Reconditioning, LLC“Reputation is what everybody thinks you are, but character is what you are when nobody is looking.” This vision statement has made us what we are today and what we will be in the future. We promise quality, and know-how, using our 16 years of acquired trade secrets and efficiency tips as well as professionalism and skill.

We gained our auto upholstery repair expertise over the years from buying and selling cars at our car dealership located in Mooresville, NC some of which were in need of interior auto repair. We we turned this skill set into a full time business repairing car and truck upholstery for dealers and drivers from all over the united states!

Dean and Family Own and Operate A Dealership Named New Image Auto Sales Of Mooresville,NC

We want to be a dealer of stable convictions in a unstable economy. Deception and untruthfulness is a big reason this country is the economic climate it’s in and people are having trouble with confidence in other people and what’s actually truth. We have acknowledged from the beginning even before the economy started sliding that we were in the business of selling ourselves and the not the vehicle.All customers want to know that they will be taken care of and the way we do that is through honesty and high quality. This simple, yet effective formula ensures that all of the cars we sell are not only cosmetically pristine on the outside, but also mechanically sound and dependable on the inside.

We are fighting with all that is in us to remold the negative consumer view on the used car industry, and its reputation. We have made it our business philosophy to SHOCK our customers by establishing an accountability to them that they have never experienced. We provide that accountability through our seven day buy back guarantee in the event the vehicle were to develop any issues. We have bought only one vehicle back since we opened almost four years ago. We provide additional accountability with a standard 3 month/3000 mile warranty on every vehicle we sell. We understand that we can not compete with “AS IS” dealer pricing because we “ARE NOT” and ultimately will not do the same volume annually and that’s OK. We joke that it is always better to have your former customers drive by and honk than drive by and shoot. We sell a lot of vehicles right here in Mooresville and want our customers experience to be so positive that they tell there friends and family when it comes there time to make a purchase.

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